West Chester East High School

West Chester East High School/ West Chester East High School

Fall Coaches

Posted On: Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By: Susan

Football Head Coach – Dan Ellis
Assistant Coaches: Scott Stephen, Matt Ellis,
Tim Bryan, Jim Boyd, EJ Moyer, Ryan Colley, Cody Loeffler

Boys Soccer – Head Coach – Tom Creighton
Assistant Coaches: Brian Weinhardt, David ******
Mike Monaghan

Girls Soccer – Head Coach – John Barry
Assistant Coaches: Mike Miller, Jessica Biddle,
William Munger

Field Hockey – Head Coach – Courtney Wolff
Assistant Coaches: Nicole Pyle, Gabby, Meagan

Volleyball – Head Coach – Jim Virgillio
Assistant Coach: Rachel Lambert

Girls Tennis – Head Coach – Anthony Santonastio
Assistant Coach – Carol Rosen

Golf – Head Coach – Brian Busby

X-Country – Boys Head Coach – Kareem Lanier
Girls Head Coach – Scott Trama

Cheerleading – Head Coach – Danielle Bixler
Assistant Coach: Marlena Muldowney, Alyssa Bouvier



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